About Us

The Enhanced Single Registry (ESR) is the socio-economic database of the vulnerable households in Kenya. It provides a single platform where common and essential information across social protection programmes are stored, analyzed and reported for the benefit of the stakeholders. The ESR also provides checks against one beneficiary receiving multiple benefits within and across programmes.

The rationale for establishing the ESR included the need to:

  • Transform the National Safety Net Programme (Older Persons Cash Tranfer (OPCT), Cash Transfer toOrphans and Vulnerable Children (CT-OVC), Persons with Severe Disabilities Cash Transfer (PWSD-CT), Hunger Safety Net Programme (HSNP)) into a more responsive programme.
  • Develop and implement standardised tools and procedures for targeting beneficiaries.
  • Put in place a delivery system that incorporates an inclusive life cycle approach, structured shock responsive social protection and expansion of complementary Social Protection Programmes which call for a multi-sector response in addressing multiple determinants of vulnerability and poverty.

The objectives of the ESR are to:

  • Promote social protection policies/ programmes that link individuals to different protection interventions along the life cycle.
  • Enable programs roll out specific responses to particular emergency/shock situations in specific counties and geographical locations to boost resilience, expand the beneficiary base, avoid duplication and support both vertical and horizontal expansion
  • Collect data for potential beneficiaries in addition to existing beneficiaries of social protection and cover a greater proportion of the vulnerable for timely response interventions – define needs objectively to justify resource requirements
  • Collect data that facilitates linkages to complementary services for greater social and economic inclusion help programmes select and provide services to beneficiaries- have rich, standardized and quality data